Paragon is a Metaverse Model House platform designed for property buyers to explore and experience builders' model houses in a realistic and immersive way. It allows users to visualize architectural designs, interior layouts, and available features of properties through interactive virtual tours.

Immersive Visualization:

Users can explore virtual replicas of real estate model houses with high-definition graphics and immersive environments, providing a realistic representation of the property.

Interactive Elements:

The platform offers interactive elements such as customizable design options, finishes, and upgrades, allowing users to personalize their virtual experience and visualize their ideal living spaces.

Virtual Meetings:

Buyers can engage in virtual meetings with builders and representatives directly within the model house environment, facilitating discussions on project details, property specifications, and negotiation terms.

Collaborative Decision-Making:

The platform eliminates the need for physical travel to model homes or sales centers, offering convenience and accessibility to buyers from diverse geographic locations.

Convenience and Accessibility:

The platform eliminates the need for physical travel to model homes or sales centers, offering convenience and accessibility to buyers from diverse geographic locations.

Cost Efficiency:

By reducing expenses related to travel, accommodation, and transportation, the platform makes property exploration and consultation more affordable and accessible for buyers.

Environmental Sustainability:

The platform contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing carbon emissions associated with commuting and physical property visits, aligning with eco-friendly practices.

In summary, a Metaverse Model House offers a convenient, immersive, and efficient platform for property buyers to explore, visualize, and engage with builders, ultimately enhancing the overall experience and effectiveness of the property buying process.

Here's How to Immerse Yourself and Navigate the Model House
Six simple steps to go.

Step 01
Register and Login:

Register by providing some basic information like your name, email address. Follow the prompts to complete the registration process. login to PARAGON using your registered email address and password

Step 02
Create Your Own Avatar:

Once registered, you'll be prompted to create your own avatar. Choose your preferred appearance, including hairstyle, clothing, and accessories. Your avatar represents you in the virtual environment.

Step 03
Explore the Virtual Environment:

Go to the official website of the Metaverse Model House platform using your web browser.

Step 04
Navigate and explore:

Use the direction buttons on your keyboard (typically arrow keys) to move your avatar around the virtual space. take your time to explore each room and area. Use your mouse or keyboard controls to look around and move through the space.

Step 05
Interact with Builder:

Look for interactive elements within the model house that allow you to engage with the builder or representative. This could include clickable objects, informational displays, or chat options for direct communication.

Step 06
Exit the Model House:

When you're done exploring the model house and interacting with the builder, navigate back to the exit point to leave the virtual environment.

By following above steps, property buyers can easily navigate the Metaverse Model House platform, explore virtual model houses, and engage with builders in an immersive and informative way.